Prize Winners

Week 6 Activity Winner - Yoga
Jean Harrowing - (Mission SlimPossible)

Week 6 Random Draw Prize Winner
Olivia Stephan - (MBRAC Lifeguards)

Week 5 Activity Winner - Swimming
Mason Seguin - (MBRAC Lifeguards)

Week 5 Random Draw Prize Winner
Viviana Lartiga (SGS School of Graduate Superstars)

Week 4 Activity Winner - Other Physical Activity
Leah Zelin - YYC Bow River Bow Flexors

Week 4 Random Draw Prize Winner
Aidan Felzien (Sunnyvale Sinkers and Swimmers)

Week 3 Activity Winner - Running
Marissa Theriault (Registrollers)

Week 3 Random Draw Prize Winner
Erin Wieser (Boulder Rollers)

Week 2 Activity Winner - Rowing
Deanndra Frandsen (Kevin's Angels)

Week 2 Random Draw Prize Winner
Lacie Terpstra (Spongebob Slowpants)

Week 1 Activity Winner - Cycling
Justin Verigin (Boulder Rollers)

Week 1 Random Draw Prize Winner
Sandra Cowan (Bibliotrekkers)

Early Bird Draw Prize Winners

Emily Brown (The Sweatbands)
Wim Chalmet (Those excluded from Spongebob Slowpants)
Jackie Mueller (Spongebob Slowpants)
Trevor Flexhaug (Mighty Morphin Web Rearrangers)
Cindy Matheson (Cash us if you Can)
Marlee Shimoda (Beaches be Crazy)

Starting on May 1, 2017, log your activity for a chance to win great prizes each week.

All winners will be announced on this page. Contact Suzanne at 5217 or AH188 to pick up your prize!